A Closer Look at the Scottish Highland Games Tradition

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Scottish Highland Games

The Highland games are a spectacle of Scottish beauty. The Highlands host some of the most iconic cultural games, a practice observed for centuries. Today, Highland games are undoubtedly an inspiring celebration of Scottish heritage and pride that have endured centuries of upheavals and political turmoil.

Features of the Highland Games

Highland games are more music and dancing than sports. The clans' chieftains often set up their strongest pipers against each other. These events feature some of the oldest games dating back to the clan system. Thanks to Queen Victoria's efforts to revive the games, spectators are treated to a host of activities, including highland sports such as the tug of war, weight for height, caber toss, and 'wooden' hammer throw.

The event involves many more activities, such as the competition for the best-dressed pet and livestock events. At times, the event extends into the night with discos, making it more fun for the attendants.

When Are the Scottish Highland Games Held?

The Highland games season runs from May to September. These games are mostly held on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday. Starting with the Gourock Highland Games in May, these events hit a peak in July and August.


The Scottish Highland games have become popular over the years. It is no surprise that some of these events are also held in other countries, especially in those with some Scottish connections, including New Zealand, Norway, Canada, America, and Brazil. Although other countries also have Highland games, these events are best seen in Scotland, where the event originated.