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League Tables

The 2016 Leagues got under way at Blackford on Saturday 28 May in beautiful sunshine. Fingers crossed for a dry-ish Games season!

Thank you once more to our sponsors listed below for their continued support for the 2016 season. Sponsorship certainly encourages our Perthshire competitors to take part.


PSPC logo2016 Heavyweight League




Points with only Pitlochry to go

Perthshire Heavies, sponsored by PSPC :

 1) David Colthart Jnr    288

2) Stuart Anderson        244

3) Pete Hart                   193

4) John Neil                   134

5) Lorne Colthart          133

6) David Colthart Snr   123

7) Andrew Richardson  55


Perthshire Under 17s sponsored by Thorntons : 

 1) Harry Colthart                     147

2) Byron Hart                             54

3) Oliver Ramsay                      35

4) Christian Ramsay                 31          

5=) Rowan Morragh Bernard 18

5=) Craig Johnston                   18   

6) Holly Morragh Bernard        15


Piob Mhor logo2016 Highland Dancing League
Points after 14 events with only Pitlochry to go
Lauren Dingwall968888888888888888888880880
Ellie Closs6695688563856565656255603888
Lyndsey Douglas62456560560565656885605688
Jillian Kennedy61600088888888880880880
Erin Slane514253888250383856563805656
Mackenzie Low4503856561638382516382501688
Rylee Kimpton26810005638161625161002556
Ailsa Sloan261163802525025380380056
Katrina Kennedy2513800385638005600250
Leah Slane2281618810010161010101056
Casey Meager176000000000088088
Fiona Downie17410088000003800038
Jemma Chisholm126880000038000000
Yvonne Kennedy1192500056000000380
Heather Sadler1600000016000000
Arwen Moses1600000000016000
Talah Miller1100000001010000
Shannah Davidson10100000000000


2012 League Winners

2012 heavies2012TOW











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