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League Tables

With only Pitlochry Highland Games left on the calendar for the Perthshire Leagues, the Dancing League table has been updated and the Heavies results will follow.

Once again we are very grateful to Piob Mhor of Scotland for their continued sponsorship of the Highland Dancing.

PHGA is grateful to Pitlochry Highland Games for their sponsorship of the Heavy events League. Pitlochry hosts the final event in the Perthshire Leagues on SATURDAY 9 SEPTEMBER. Sponsorship certainly encourages our Perthshire competitors to take part.


After Killin with 5 games completed Heavy Events results are :

1) Lorne Colthart          140

2) Stuart Anderson         91

3) Pete Hart                     81

4) John Neill                     79

5) David Colthart Jnr      45

6) David Colthart Snr        9


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2017 Highland Dancing League

Points after Blairgowrie


2012 League Winners

2012 heavies 2012TOW
2012Dancing 2012Piping











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